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Website:GLaDOS on the Portal wiki

The Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System just may be the ultimate achievement of Aperture Science. Certainly it was the last, since after being activated GLaDOS killed nearly everyone in the facility with neurotoxin.
Since then GLaDOS has struggled to perform critical testing duties with limited test subjects, and through several disasters such as its own near-destruction, insertion in a potato, battle with an inherently flawed AI core, and a general whirlwind of chaos named Chell. The last of the human test subjects are now gone from Aperture Science facilities, leaving GLaDOS alone in peace... and utter boredom.

GLaDOS is looking to recruit new test subjects now, all applicants please follow the yellow line and make sure they have signed all release waivers to absolve Aperture Science from fault in case of accidental exposure to neurotoxin. Remember, it's all for Science!

((GLaDOS is set for the time immediately following the events of the Portal 2 game. This journal is for RP purposes only and no profit is being made here.
No neurotoxins, either.

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